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Is there a Place for Poop in Picture Books?

Hazel Nutt has written a picture book that (shock, horror) mentions reindeer poop! I think its going to be a marmite book – you are either going to love it or hate it. But, is it ever right to write about poop, boogers or farts in picture books?

Personally, I think that most children find farting, boogers and poop mentioned in books very funny and for a lot of them the mere mention has them in fits of giggles. My two year old daughter takes great pleasure in showing me her poops, boogers, earwax, you name it. At the moment whenever she farts, she shouts SAVS as thats what her Dad says when he lets rip, passes wind, farts – you get the drift!

I think that you can mention farts, boogers, poop in a tasteful way – we are great fans of David Chuka’s the Fartastic Adventures of Billy and Monster series and Xavier Finkley’s Benny’s Boogers.

But there are some people that think there is no place for poop (except in the loo) in kids books. I suppose its one of those “unmentionable” subjects – a taboo, even though we all do it, most of us everyday. The contents of some nappies is enough to knock you out cold, I’m sure most parents have experienced that, so why take offense at the mention of poop in a picture book.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but what I think is really important is what entertains the children and makes them laugh.

Maybe the mention of reindeer poop in a Christmas picture book is not entirely appropriate and it will never be a bestseller, as one of my review requestees nicely put it, but we had fun writing and illustrating it and our friends’ kids seem to enjoy it immensley.

What is your opinion of poops, boogers and farts in picture books?

(If you’d like take a look at our picture book that mentions reindeer poop – you can get a free review copy from: http://storycartel.com/books/401/secret-santa-squirrels-a-fun-rhyming-christmas-picture-book  until 9th December, otherwise you can request a review copy from http://secretsantasquirrels.com/review-copy)


6 Responses to “Is there a Place for Poop in Picture Books?”

  1. Dorothea Jensen 4 December 2013 at 9:51 am Permalink

    I think my grandboys will love this book! The only “favorite subject” missing is yelling “naked boy, naked boy” and running around in birthday suits after (or before) bathtime.

  2. Kriss MacDonald 4 December 2013 at 9:38 pm Permalink

    Kids adore toilet humor whether us adults like it or not. I wrote a review about the kids book Dave by Sue Hendra – a cat who farted :) I’ve also been meaning to get the very popular The Dinosaur That Pooped Christmas.

  3. Stacie Theis 5 December 2013 at 5:01 am Permalink

    I think there was a time when I may have thought such topics didn’t fit well in children’s picture books, but since raising two boys and seeing what they find funny my perception has changed. Just the mere words seemed to delight my boys when they were little. As a seasoned mom, I am much more open to the topics in kids’ books. :)

  4. Julie Grasso 5 December 2013 at 7:51 am Permalink

    Hi Hazel
    Thanks for joining us on the Kid Lit Blog Hop. Kids find the topic hilarious, so I think if it is done well, it can be really funny. I enjoyed Secret Santa Squirrels and I think kids will get a hoot out of it too.

  5. Zoe 6 December 2013 at 6:49 am Permalink

    One of the best sellers in the UK is The Dinosaur that Pooped Christmas http://www.amazon.co.uk/Dinosaur-That-Pooped-Christmas/dp/0857540122
    I think it’s a mediocre book, but not because of the poo! Some great books which include poo are The Story of the Little Mole Who Knew It Was None of His Business and a non fiction book https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/357746.Poop

  6. Renee @ Mother Daughter Book Reviews 22 December 2013 at 5:35 am Permalink

    Great question and it was fun to read the comments before mine. I think, as with most things, it’s all in how it is discussed (and portrayed). I think in our society we have a lot of shame around our bodies. The fact is we all poop! This is not an unusual thing! Thanks for sharing your fun post in the Kid Lit Blog Hop. Have a Merry Christmas!

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