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Picture Book Reviews: The Fartastic Adventures of Billy and Monster by David Chuka

I have been gifted, downloaded these books on free days, or given free review copies in exchange for an honest opinion.

These reviews have been written from two year old Hazel Nutt’s point of view.

Kids seem to love everything to do with farting.I find it hilarious at the moment when anyone farts and I delight in pointing to whoever’s bottom is guilty and blowing at it, if its a smelly one!

It is a good thing that I do not know Billy, or else the monster would not get the blame and I’d be blowing in Billy’s direction!

I love the Fartastic Adventures of Billy and Monster series and here are my reviews of them.  All these books are available on Amazon.


Billy and the Monster who Loved to Fart


Billy and the Monster Who Loved to Fart, despite its title, is not a tacky toilet humor book, but tasteful and very funny.

There is a brilliant balance of humor, moral and appeal to children. The illustrations go really well with the story and its a good safe choice of book to read with your mummy or daddy, which you both should enjoy and laugh along together at.

I think that this is quite a clever book for parents to read to their child, if they (the child or adult lol) are guilty of excessive farting in public, as they will learn a lesson in taking farts outside to less crowded places, in a sensitive way. Obviously it is still a hilarious book to read even if your or your parents don’t fart too much!

I don’t fart too much at my playschool, but I have been known to leave “gifts” before I leave a room, or say goodbye to Mummy or Daddy when I’m going outside!

(I’m sure there is a happy medium of farting – although better out than in, my parents always say)

Billy and the Monster Who ate all The Easter Eggs


A visit to Grandma Chocalicious is too much temptation for Billy and Monster, who learn a lesson of moderation.

I wish I had a Grandma Gummy (because I like gum sweets, not because she wouldn’t have any teeth, but it could mean both I suppose LOL).

I’m not that keen on chocolate (my Mummy keeps offering it to me, but I say no. She is a huge chocoholic who should also take note of what moderation means!)

My favourite food in the whole wide world at the moment is bacon flavoured crisps, so when describing moderation to me, Mummy made me imagine a really high pyramid of bacon crisps and oh did my mouth water! But I do know how sore my tummy can get when I eat too much, so this book really helped me understand moderation.

And I do rotting rat smells when I fart too!!

Another winner from David Chuka

Billy and Monster: The Superhero with Fart Powers


Mummy and Daddy are always saying “You must always do things that will make us proud of you” already and I’m only 2!

Although I already know what stealing is, as I ran out a shop with a Kinder Egg that hadn’t been paid for and Mummy had to run out after me and take me and the egg back to the shop. I didn’t get the egg, as mum put it back on the shelf, because I’d been naughty. I don’t like the chocolate, just the toy inside.

This book is brilliantly written. We originally thought that Billy and Monster would only be superheros in their dreams, but the opportunity arises to use their fartastic powers on a real life villan!

The descriptions of the farts in this book had me, mummmy and daddy in stitches (particularly the one banned in 43 countries).

This has got to be our favourite of the fartastic books.

Billy and Monster’s New Neighbor has a Secret


We have some funny neighbors and some nice ones too, so I could relate to Billy and Monster from the word go!

This book is about sharing. This is something that I am having to learn fast, as my little sister is crawling now and into everything, but I do love her so.

I have an imaginary friend too. I know Billy won’t admit monster is an imaginary friend but I think he is! My imaginary friend is tiny, he likes to run along the ceiling, take baths and he has a little tiny bed that Daddy made for him and a pink woolly hat. I can carry him in my hand, although I haven’t blamed him yet for anything naughty!

Its got to be pretty exciting to be able to see other peoples’ imaginary friends – it must open  a whole new world of adventures to be had.

Anyway, long story short, sharing helps Billy and Monster make some good new friends.

Another Fartclassic book from David Chuka.

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